Paul Jay is back into the LI Rewind lineup ! 

Stay tuned as we firm up our Summer and Fall shows !!



Anthony Calabro - Drums  From Garden City Park, was given his first drum set when he was 5 years-old. Growing up in Queens he would play along to his brother and sister’s 45’s and jam with the neighborhood kids in his basement.  I guess you can say that was his first "band".  After high school Anthony hooked up with some old friends and played in his first real band for four years.  A job and raising a family took over and the drums were put away, but the itch to play never left him.  Years later he invested in a new drum set...“Some guys get convertibles as a midlife crisis but I got a drum set and a tattoo”. Fortunately he was able to hook up with some great musicians that now make up the band REWIND.


Dominic Cuoccio - Bass  Dominic Cuoccio has a BA in Music Education from the Aaron Copeland School of Music and a MA in Music composition from Hunter College. Dom is shaping the future generations of musicians as a JHS Band teacher for the NYC Board of Ed. Although Dominic plays many instruments, he found his favorite is Bass guitar. He lives in Floral Park with his wife and 3 adult children.



Steve Beach - Keyboards & Vocals  From Wantagh NY, grew up in East Meadow, in a home filled with music. Steve’s first band “Delta T” was formed back in high school. Of course, as bands sadly do, they broke up a few years later as everybody needed time to ‘grow up’. Fast-forward to 1998 when Steve added his keyboards to a then 3-piece band called “The Generators” which filled the musical void that was missing for so many years. Steve gigged with The Generators for 16 years, playing 837 shows until the end of 2013. The band added immensely to Steve’s catalog and performance experiences. He’s now having the time of his life enjoying playing with LI Rewind......a great group of guys ……….and of course getting  that rock and roll fix playing all your classic dance , pop, and rock hits !!


Neil Brodbeck  - Neil’s earliest memories of music came from his Grandparents basement where his entire family would play music or ‘jam’ as we call it today on Sunday afternoons after dinner. Both his parents were members of Art Mooney’s Big Band in late 40’s and performed in NYC on WNBC radios and on Broadway. By age 5 Neil did an impersonation of Elvis Presley singing ‘Hound Dog’ at his Aunt’s wedding. Neil then began taking piano lessons and learned to read music and soon switched to guitar. Watching TV and listening to AM radio…..Rock and Roll was becoming very popular and the ‘music bug’ hit him hard. Neil’s first band in 8th grade was called “The Blue Horizons” playing Beatles, surf music, Ray Charles and all the early British invasion tunes. They played all the local dances at churches and in schools. Throughout High School Neil continued with jazz guitar lessons as well as music theory classes which have shaped his style and knowledge of his craft. Neil played in many bands along his musical path including several wedding bands in the NYC and Lake Placid areas. Guitarist and friend Charlie Brown got him a substitute gig for the Broadway play Hair in the mid 70’s. Neil continues to play professionally most recently with Jukebox Explosion along with LI Rewind’s own Steve Beach, and in February of 2019 became an official member of LI Rewind. We welcome Neil and are very happy and proud to have him in the band! Since 1984 Neil also has a very successful and well respected Chiropractic Practice in Middle Island NY.  LI Rewind is thrilled to have added Neil to the group. A pro's pro !!











Paul Jay 

Dom Cuoccio

Steve Beach

Neil Brodbeck

Anthony Calabro